Our approach



How we operate

Williams Winter (formerly Williams Winter & Higgs) is one of Melbourne's most established, stable and reputable law firms. The firm has a broad based practice and prides itself on being able to assist clients with a wide range of legal concerns.

We currently have four principals and a committed team of solicitors and support staff. Our principals take particular pride in being accessible to clients.

We are committed to:

  • Delivering the highest standards of professional practice
  • Providing practical advice
  • Demonstrating loyalty, honesty and integrity
  • Understanding the needs and wants of our clients
  • Supporting the community
  • Ensuring the perpetuation of the firm
  • Maintaining work/life balance

Relationships matter

There are no egos here

We're proactive partners

Our philosophy

We take a different approach with our clients than other law firms. We take pride in our relatable style and personalised service. There are no egos here, just a dedicated team of hard working professionals that go above and beyond to remove complexity and provide a clear path forward. We're in this with you.

We're in this with you

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Our foundations have remained the same since 1873

We have been practising law in Melbourne since before we had a parliament or a constitution. During that time, Williams Winter has never been taken over by another firm and has never merged. This makes the firm unique; a Melbourne institution. Over the years however, the firm has acquired a number of smaller practices (Moran & Hayes, King & Stewart and Michael Green) as well as the deeds register of Nicholas Calleja.

From the early days, the firm had a commitment to the welfare of its clients and a genuine desire to make the law accessible to the full spectrum of the marketplace. This ethos continues today with the firm's present solicitors. Our lawyers are truly committed to the practice of law and our principals do not engage in other business interests.

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