Defamation Law is a dynamic area of law that has the essential objective of upholding and/or defending from harm the reputation of a person or organisation. We practice in the area of Defamation Law and we are able to assist as follows:

  • Bringing forth claims and suing for defamation
  • Successfully defending defamation suits
  • Tailoring solutions to protect business reputation and intangible assets

We understand that legal issues in this domain are often delicate in nature and that clients require precise and comprehensive advice. We are acutely aware of the changing landscape of the commercial environment, particularly due to the increased use of electronic communications (and use of the internet), and we are constantly monitoring the impact that this has had, and will continue to have, on the law of defamation.

Our approach is to actively protect and defend both individual and business reputation. We offer discreet advice and we aim to achieve viable, expeditious and balanced outcomes for our clients.